WordPress is not only for blogging, as we already said in a previous post. However, what you don’t know is what kind of website you can build with WordPress!

WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform in 2003. However, it was quickly realized by the community that WordPress could be used to create just about any type of website you can think of! With thousands of templates available WordPress can be used to meet other needs as well:

Business Website: WordPress is great to launch a business website, build your brand, promote your business, or sell your merchandise online.
Informative Website: WordPress is easy to use, to create a website, to offer instructions or anything you can think of.
Review Website: If you want to build a website to review various products, even other websites, WordPress is easily organized with various options and categories.
Personal Website: Creating a family website, or a website to promote yourself such as a blog is simple with WordPress.
Photo Gallery: WordPress has hundreds, if not thousands of plugins designed to cusotmize your installation of WordPress. Many of the plugins are designed to convert your installation to a photo gallery or portfolio.

Since WordPress is extremely customizable, there really is no limit to what type of website you can build using it. With hundreds of free templates and themes, as well as hundreds of free plugins it’s never been easier to build a custom website using WordPress.

Article is from inmotionhosting.com

Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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