Adding social media links on your website, increase your traffic and achieve many other goals!

#1 Increase website visitors, advice from website development agency uk

    As a website development agency uk we have notice that those who visit your website, don’t necessarily engage in a conversion. They don’t necessarily become customers from the beginning. But if they like your website, they might decide to connect with your business in social media, the best way to keep in touch.

    If your social media content is good enough, you will manage to establish a place in your visitors consciousness. By promoting offers, valuable information and anything that would attract a potential client’s attention, you place your business in their mind and the chances of a future conversion are becoming a lot higher.

    Visitors generally prefer to connect to social media, than subscribe to a newsletter, as it offers them the opportunity to come to you when/if they want to. A newsletter can only be effective if it involves an offer, a promo code, a free trial of something etc, whereas social media are simply informing in the least aggressive way possible.

    Of course you can provide them with the option to subscribe to your newsletter, but make sure your website also has all links to your social media.

    Have Fun and enjoy your time with Solomon Designs!

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